which character is your youngest?? I keep thinking its wolfie

It is Wolfie :)

uhm, excuse me, are you now on focus on your own oc's instead of fan arts?

I don’t. Understand the question. I. Have always drawn more original stuff than fan art…..

how old is Calico?

22, will be 23 on November 22nd, ‘14

i drew a cutie when i was on the phone with my bank

calico looks like a leathery old man alasvaster i’m so sorry who let me design you

Wow does Xensa know what a gift to humanity he is
Does Scout know what a gift Xensa is
Does Scout know how much I appreciate her golden mind for creating such a beautiful character who faces struggle with trauma and has to face the choices he’s made to become a better person and actually contribute something to the world where he can
I wonder if Scout knows that a treasure she is in general and how amazing she is for being my friend and sharing her ideas with all of us thanks

I just had to say that you draw men wonderfully and have been a major inspiration for me to push my angles more.

Thank you so much ;-;-;-;-;;-;-;-;-;-;;-;;

Bruh. Do you like nightvale?

Yes i do but im a million years behind so behind that i just wanna start over

Oh my goodness as soon as i finished that page yesterday i passed the fuck put on the couch and now its 5am what is anything where is everyone